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    The M&A Compass
    Alternative analytics for better M&A

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    Leveraging advanced data science applications
    ​in machine learning, natural language processing,
    ​and knowledge graphs

Targeted clients

  • Investment Banks
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Corporate M&A Functions of MNCs

Mbanq Labs second batch member 2020

Singapore based startup venture developing an innovative market data solution dedicated to the M&A markets and the specific needs of the M&A professionals

Our mission is to produce cutting edge predictive analytics enabling a novel systematic strategy approach for the M&A function and research

Addressable markets

63,000 deals
​$5.9 trillions

​(+64% YoY)

Global M&A volume in 2021

(all time record)

Investment Banks
​Private Equity Firms


$2.1bn (+9.5% YoY)

Global Investment Banking market data spend in 2019


Estimated global spend for alternative data in 2021