Main features

Data aggregation

The M&A Compass gathers critical intelligence about buyers, sellers, investors, deals and planned M&A on any given industry. It provides both the full picture, linking different sectors, and the ability to deepen the research into the companies and specific trends of niche markets

Insight discovery

Ad-hoc indexes tracking the M&A drivers over time, help M&A professionals identify the emerging themes affecting the M&A markets and the evolving strategies of companies and investors

Predictive analytics

We are developing proprietary models that can anticipate the upcoming M&A activity of companies in any given area of interest, such as an industry, a region, or a theme, and the drivers of future M&A activity

Powered by Knowledge Graphs

Proprietary RDF Knowledge Graphs, specifically designed for the M&A function, connect disparate sets of data allowing faster and more relevant research results. Capturing data as a graph enables the relationship-driven structure of multiple data sources to be modelled to reveal hidden insights

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